Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Diary (9)

January 5th 2006, 17.00 p.m

Friends of Mine In Deppt. of Linguistics (1)

To have new friends is an amazing moment, especially for me. I really love to make friends in every places i go. When i was still a young little girl, i always told my childhood friends that one days i would have some friends from outside or abroad. At that time, all of my friends laught at me. They told me not to dream about that impossible thing, because i were only the daughter of a 'poor' labour man. How could have friends from abroad? It was strongly impossible. Hearing this, my heart was little bit upsad, but i forced myself to be strong and made it as a power to make this impossible dream came true.

Time passed, i run my life without knowing that one day this impossible dream will come true. i really do not realise that what my friends said about that impossible dream happens now. Now, i am staying in New Delhi, India (how can i be here, i've already told you in My Diary (3)). Entering new campus, of course i meet new friends also. And you know, i have a lot of friends here and they are come from different countries. I have friends from India, of course, Thai, Iran, Korea, Mongol, Manipur, and Russia. The way how we communicate each other is by using English as the language of the world.

Particularly, i know all of my friends' name, but i'm not so close with all of them, only some of them. I will tell you about them one by one. Today i will inform you about one of my indian friend whose name Ishani. She is a nice girl with a nice smile. I really like her smiling. She is not come from New Delhi, she is from Calcutta. She has finished her BA in Calcutta and now continue in the same department with me. She takes linguistics also for her BA degree. She is one of the clever students in my calss, and has a good class participation. Because of her, i never fell afraid any more to ask my lecturer directly in the class if i have problems.She suggest me to do that and not to be afraid of that. Our lecturers are really nice men and very comprehensive to all their students.

She is the first student who greet me at the first time i enter the class. She also the first student who offer me her help if i have problems in understanding the courses or in something alse. What a nice girl. I hope i can be a good friend for her as she has done for me. It's already one week i never meet her because we have a winter holiday, and she tells me that she will return home during this winter holiday. I wiil her again next monday.

That's all about Ishani, letter i will tell you more about her. See you!


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