Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Diary (6)

December 18th,2005 16.30 pm.

Life Is Only A Matter of Smile

Hello diary, how are you today? Hope you are in a good condition, so you can hear what I want to tell you about my story. Actually this story happened three days ago when I were on my way home from campus.
But I couldn’t tell you immediatley because I were so tired after a long day at campus with a lot of activity also; besides, I had to do something urgen at that day. Today is Satuday, and I have no class. So, I can tell you the story before I forget it.

Daily, I take along trip to reach my campus. Even it is along trip and seesms a tiredsome one, I feel very happy to run it everyday, because I can see many different things everytime.I use oto-rikhshaw to go to campus, and usually I hear my tape-recorder while sometimes singing the songs.

That day, I came from campus at 14.00 pm., after finished all of my subjects. Reached the Nizamuddin street, like usual I listened to my radio-tape and sang a long the way. It was a very crowded time that my oto should ran slowly. Along the road-side, there were so many workers working on repairing the road-side. Some of them were women and small kids. Maybe ther are the workers’ childrents. At the first time, there was nothing special to see them all, but suddently I saw an uncommon picture, I thought myself.

Among the workers, there was a little boy who was hitting the rock of the road-side with a big harmer, and it seemed that the harmer was too big to be hold by him because he needed full power to use it. Besides him, there was a woman sitting near him and did the same action, maybe she was his mother, and not far from him, there was a man with other little boy, more little than he was, still did the same action, and I thought they were his father and brother. They were laughing happily under the sun-shine that shone not so bright that day.

For you maybe this picture is not so speciall, because you can say that it is a common thing that happens nowday in our society. What point that makes it very speciall for me is that because of this, I remember one of my friends when I was at senior high school. Her name is Yati. She used to come to my house just to inform me about her ‘bad days’. Her days will become bad if:
- her boy-friend doesn’t call her
- her mother leaves her alone and go to the shopping-centre
- she cann’t find her ‘beloved’ shoes
- she doesn’t have money to buy her cosmetics
- etc. etc.
If these things happen, she cann’t even smile in a single second.

If I compare to that little boy, I can see the difference between them more clearly. The boy, just named him Son, still can smile even he has to do a hard work helping his parents. Actually, it is not his duty to do that in his age now. It is his time to go to scholl, playing with his friends, doing what he should do in his age, etc. but he is not so lucky to do that. The condition forces him to do something else that maybe not suitable for him. From his smile, I can see that he does not complain about his condition today. Even he does not realise that he has lost his childhood which should be full of joy and happiness, he still face his life with happiness in a different context with another child in common sense. He still can enjoy his life even he should help his parents just to earn more money to continue their life, maybe.

Then, a big question comes to my mind. Why my friend fells that her days turns bad only because of that if... and if....I realise now that my friend and me are still the luckier ones than Son. We still can fulfil all of our needed without doing anything so hard. Our parents still can afford all. On the other hand, Son should work hard only to get extra money to help his parents. Maybe in his mind there is only the thought that he has to get money today, so he and his family have something to eat, for tomorrow he has to find it again.

Now, I consider that as a human being, it’s not an unresponsible deed if I usually complain about my life. How lucky I am if I compare myself with Son. The only thing that I must do is make my life become useful for someone else, so my existenc on this world won’t be useless, and I think we all should do that. And for Son, hope you can find a better life in your feature, and become the ‘real’ man in this cruel world.


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