Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Diary (3)

December 5th, 2005 14.00 pm.

Achiving The Scholarship: Big 'Miracle' in My Life

As I promise you, I will continue my story now.
After receiving the scholarship form, I felt so happy. I went home and started filling the form. Afraid of making any mistake, I made the duplication of it, and filled the duplication one for the first time. I also completed all the document needed as the requirements of the scholarship. Before, I had to make my passort first as one of the important documents. My mother accompanied me during this process. Finishing all, I returned the form to the Indian Coucil again, and my waiting time began. I should wait for about half year or six months, from December to May for the result whether my application accepted or rejected.

On May 2005, I forgot the date, but it was maybe in the middle of May, I received an invitation letter from the council to have the second test, and it was a writen test. It surprised me a lot, because my teacher said that there would not be a writen test. The test would be held on June 7th, 2005. I only prepared what I could prepare, and I gave the rest part to my God, Allah SWT, The Almighty.

The test had passed, and I should wait again for two or three days for the announcement. And you know, waiting is tiredsome. Finally, my phone rang. Kring...kring...kring...!!!!! I picked up the phone. "Hello, good morning.". I said:"Good morning.". Then, "Can I speak to Ms.Rini?". "Yes,It's me." "I am Mr. Ndraha speaking." My heart started to run fast. "Yes?". "Can you come to the Indian Council today at 10.00 am?" My heart went faster and faster. "Yes, of course." "Okey. Don't be late. Good morning." I repleid: "Good morning.". I put down my phone and my brain stopped thinking for a while. Then I called my mother.

I went to the council as soon as possible. On the way to the council, I could not stop thinking why they asked me to come today. It was impossible if they already got the result, because it was just one day after the test, so what was going on? Arriving at the council, I saw one of my friend, Fitri who also applied this scolarship had been there first. She hold a paper, and when I came closer to her, she said that she got the scholarship. My heart suddenly ran faster. 'What about me?'. This was the first question that came to my mind. Then, Mr. Ndraha came out, and when he saw me, he handed me a paper.

I read the paper carefully, word by word, sentence by sentence, and then finally,"I got it". I got the scholarship, and they placed me in Department of Linguistics, University of Delhi, India. This is the starting point why I come to India.

Now, I have registered myself as one of the member of the Linguistic Department family of University of Delhi. I still feel it like a 'miracle' for me. Maybe out there, there are many other students like me who have desire to get this opportunity. Today, this miracle may come tome, but someday it will come to you. So, don't be afraid to hope, and do what you like to do without being afraid to make mistake, because making error is human. Don't stop dreaming, because by dreaming you can see what you really want, but don't always be a dreamer, because a dreamer never do anything to change his life.

After this story, I will tell you about my experience during my study here. Not only my study,but also my daily activity, my friends, etc. etc. But it is not today. Just wait, okey! I hope my story can encourage you all, especially for my friends in Medan, maybe to do like what I am doing now. See you soon!


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