Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Back

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. How are you? I'm fine now. It has been a very very very long time i never write in this site. It's not because i forget about you my diary, it's only know. Well, what ever it was, now i'm here. I want to tell you something.

Next month, exactly on April 3rd, 2007, i will have my first day for my final examination. Uhhh...exam again. But it's okey. Because this my last exam for my course here in New Delhi. After the exam, and hopefully i can pass in all subject, i will go back home to my country and my city. How sweet!!! I've waited for this moment long long time ago.

Please pray for me okey so i can do my best for my exam and returning home with a very big smile.

Okey, that's all. I have to go. I want to study my esson coz on tuesday i have an intenat examination. See you then, bye.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

Once upon a time, there were two woman standing in front of a ticket counter at an international airport just to reconfirm about their trip back to certain part of Shah Rukh Khan's land, India. It was a beautiful Sunday. Actually, they had been there from Saturday night, and that morning they plannned to take a morning flight to Delhi.

Unfortunatelly, there was no flight to Delhi that morning. They should wait until Tuesday morning. What!!!!!Tuesday morning? The man at the counter might be kidding, they thought. It was just possible to wait until that time. it was too long; beside, they had to be in Delhi as soon as possible to take care of their study there. Yah, they are two foreign student at different university in Delhi, but they are friends.

Hopeless, they decided to wait until Teusday morning, and during the time they just stayed inside the airport. Without knowing what to do, they looked for a seat, a comfortable place to think about what had happened. None of them saying a single word about the condition at that time. Noone knew what was that inside their mind. Everyone just stayed calm until one of them said," What a beautiful Sunday!". Then, they laught together.

The first thing they did that Sunday morning was looked for breakfast, and before that, maybe a little bath could make them more fresh. Having breakfast and taking a little bath proved to be good ways because after that both of them seemed to be more cheerful and could accept the situation. Then, they decided to make phone calls to their family at home and friends. They were sure that all of them were waiting for any news from them.

After made phone calls, they went back to their seat, and started their lonely and long waiting time for two nights more at the airport. What a good experience! They did nothing besides sitting, talking, eating, and sometimes reading.

Time passed so long, but then the departur time arrived. On that Tuesday morning, both of them were standing in front of the check in counter for the flight to New Delhi which should be happened on the last Sunday. After checked in, they waited for the boarding pass time with a big smile on their lips. After a few moment, they were now inside the plane that would take them to Delhi.

Now, they are in Delhi, and one of them is writing her story for you. Yah, one of them is me. What a beautifel Sunday it was!!!!


Monday, February 20, 2006

My Diary (13)

Today is a beautiful Sunday. I just call my parents in Indonesia because i miss them a lot. i miss my mom voice, her smilling face when she speaks to me, and her smoth heart. When she answered my call, i feel like i'm there. Talking together with all my family members, not only my father, but also my father and my only one brother. I can imagine my house, its garden and flowers inside it. All of this make me enable to resist the desire to be at home as soon as possible.

I told her that after the final examination on next April, i'll come back home. For this time, please pray for me to pass the exam and get good marks for all courses. I almost set to cry when i heard m mom said that she really really miss me. But she advises me to be strong and brave to face this situation because it's for my own shake, for my future. Then she added that i had to study hard if i want to pass the exam and get good marks.

After talking with mom, i feel more better. It can refresh my mind and give more extra power inside me. I promise myself to face it with all power i have.



Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Diary (12)

Hallo diary. Long time not see you? Hope you are fine. It is almost one month i think i don't say anything to you about my activity during the passed month. It's not because i forget you, but it's only bacause i have so much work to do, and you already know that the light is always off here in every particular time.

There's nothing i can say today. Just like always, i have no class on Saturday. I just stay at my room and doing my homework for the next coming Monday. And bacause i have to open an e-mail from my friend, i go to the internet rent and spare my time to write to you.

Maybe i can tell you something about my study during this month. As you know it that i already finished my first season class, and now i'm in the second part of this year. There are four new courses in this second part i.e Syntax, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Language and Mind.

In syntax, I face a lot of problems. It is because there are so many rules and symbols that have to be memorised. I must be able to draw a kind of tree called 'tree diagram' in describing sentences as quickly as possible. Not only in syntax, i think i face many problems in every courses that i have. And it makes me to study harder and harder because the final examination will come soon on April.

That's all for today. Wish me luck!


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