Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Diary (8)

January 1st, 2006 17.30 pm.

First New Year In Delhi

When i write the date above, i fell something inside my heart tells me that you are now should do different things, because the year has passed. If you don't want to change your life to be a better one, it will leave you behind, far away from its fantasy and miracle. Never say sorry if it happens with you, it'll be useless.

Yes, 2005 had left us, and now comes 2006 as a new year in our struggle of life in this world. Before i forget, let me greet you all with "A Very Happy New Year", especially for you Diary. You has been my beloved friend where i can tell every thing about my happiness, sadness, what i like as well as what i hate, my sorrow, what i fell, etc. etc. Nice to have a good companion like you and happy new year for you also. Be my friend forever, okey?

This year, i'm not in my country, and it'll be the first time for me to celebrate the new year far away from my family and friends. Event here i already have new family and friends, it won't be the same, but it's still be better if i should celebrate it alone. I receive so many new year greetings from my friends including my Indonesia friends of course, my Indian, Iranian, Thai, and Korean friends, too. At least, it can help me to forget my sadness of celebrating new year far from my hometown.

I hope this year i can do the best things for my life and for my future also,so i can make people around me fell that the existence of me around them doesn't mean nothing. I want to be a more better and better woman this year. i should do that, at least to make an improvement in my own life. For me, the major concern of my plan is still my education. I have to pass my postgraduate here as soon as possible, getting good result, and coming back home. Meanwhile, i think i can learn to experience many goods new things during my stay in India. Studying their culture, tradition, etc. etc. for not wasting my time unusefully.

After that, i still have another dream in my education. It is my dream to continue my study to get Phd. degree. I hope i can do that, maybe not this year, because this year is my first year in MA. but i really want to make it come true as long as i still have the power in me. Just pray for me okey?

Diary, i hope my friends outside will do the same thing in their life. I hope they have a great interest in making improvements in all of their aspects of life. I do hope that. And please send my best regard to them all.

See you soon diary. Good afternoon!


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