Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Diary (5)

December 12th 2005 11.30 am

Surprising Test, but Good Lesson in Nature

Today, I had a morning class at 09.30 am. It was Mr. Gargesh class, applied linguistics. I woke up at 05.15 am. then boling water to take a bath because it was too cool to take a bath without hot water. After taking bath, I had my brekafast with my room-mate, Yunita who also had a morning class today. Going to campus at 08.45 am. and arriving at my campus at 09.25 am. I still had five minutes to walk to my class. Without knowing what would surprise me, I walked slowly, and figured out that there were nobody in the class. Where were they? I thought myself.

Finding that there was nobody in the class, I decided to go to the computer laboratory. On the way, I met my class-mates. All of them were reading books, and seemed that they are memorizing something. I asked one of them.

"Hallo, Birj. Good morning. How are you?"
"Hi,Rini. Good morning. I'm fine, and you?"
"Very well, thanks! What are you reading about?"
"I am reading my Morphology note for the test."
"Test? What test?"
"Our Morphology test for this semester."
"What? You're kidding on me,aren't you?"
"No. I'm not. You can see others. They are also reading their books."

He was right! What a big surprised 'present' in a cool weather! I read nothing for this test, because I did not know that there would be a test for this subject. Birj continued that Mr. Pradeep informed the test when he made an extra class for his subject, but, unfortunatelym, I did not ettend that class, because I was sick. Luckly, my lecturer that actually should attend the class did not come. So, I still have time for almost one and an half hour to read something.

The test finally began. I felt like entering a fire circle, and had no way to ru away from it. Then, I realised that why should I run away from this test, just faced it and did the best I could, I thought. The test took one and an half hour, and we needed to answer 45 questions.

At last, the test had finished, and I felt very upset, very and very upset, because I only could answer 35 questions from 45 questions without knowing wether they all were right or wrong. But what could I ask for? I only studied a little bit als.

So, friends pray for me, okey? And it is a good lesson for me for not forgetting my lesson, maybe I can do much better if I have studied it before going to bed at that night. See you again! Have a nice day.


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